1st Visit

Initail Consult & Exam

The Chiropractor will take a detailed history listening to your health problems and asking the right questions to determine the cause of the problem, followed by a thorough examination to confirm the disgnosis and Xrays are conducted if the Chiropractor feels a need to have a closer look at the issue. 

2nd Visit

Findings & Treatment

The Chiropractor will go through the findings from the initial consultation and recommend an adjustment if he believes it will help the patient. The adjustment is where the Chiropractor realigns the spine and aims to correct the underlying cause of the problem,

3rd Visit

Solution Report

This is where the Chiropractor gives his best recommendation of care on how to take care of your problem. The patients decides whether they want symptomatic (bandaid) care or corrective care aiming to fix the problem.

New Patient Form

Fill in the below Initial Consulation form before coming in on your first visit

New Patient Form (pdf)